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ABCorp pioneered barcode generation technology in Australia 30 years ago and still remains the foremost specialist in delivering barcode solutions around the globe today. ABCorp’s experience and stringent processes assure the highest quality and accuracy, we work with many industries across multiple applications from asset labels for corporate requirements to highly durable solutions that suit manufacturing and outdoor environments, our extensive range, product quality and reliability is second to none. Backed by our fully tailored solutions, comprehensive advice, personalised service and competitive pricing you can be assured that you are working with the right partner to deliver your barcode needs.


ABCorp labels are credentialed with a long list of industry specifications and approvals, our labels can withstand exposure to the harshest chemicals and solvents, abrasion, salt spray, paint, oil etc. Our range of Metalphoto® anodised aluminium labels and plastic bar code labels have a long-standing reputation for durability in the harshest of environments.

Experience, Quality and Excellent Service

ABCorp has unmatched experience providing Durable Bar Code Solutions, amongst the full range of products which include gift, membership and ID cards, credit cards and licences, document solutions & NFC technology. With ABCorp, you will receive long life label performance at a competitive price with the backing and support of a global corporation.


In keeping with customer demand, many of ABCorp’s barcode labels can now be ordered online; High Quality, accuracy and quick turnaround are our mission statements. With ABCorp ordering your labels is not only efficient but effortless as well.


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